Monday, August 11, 2008


I am soooooo excited for school! I know its not often you hear that.....but I'm pumped! For us it begins in 2 days, on August 13. My birthday is also coming up, on the 19th, so as you can imagine im kinda pumped about that too! We just went to Discovery to set up lockers and stuff and i got to show Hunter around and figure out how to get to his classes. I think I'm the most excited on in my family:)

Oh my word! That storm the other night was AMAZING! I was talking to my friend about it and laughing at how different our responses were! She was in her basment till midnight and I was on my deck watching the amazing brilliance of the lightning and listening to the low grumblings of thunder. I love storms! they used to freak me out and now I think they're one of the most beautiful things of creation. I love that they show off God's awesome majesty and power. It's scary to think that something as beautiful as lightning or fire can devour you in a second, and yet I'm fascinateed by both! I love it!
Gotta Scram (Kem that was for you!)