Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{To You} When You Feel Like Giving Up

I get it. You feel alone. You feel lost. You feel like a burden. 
And you're searching for someone to show that you matter. That you're worth it. 
You can be sure that you matter because you're here today. 
Somebody cared enough to create you. Somebody cared enough to die for you. 
He's pursuing you every day if only you would stop to listen. 
He wakes the sun up for you every morning. 
He opens the mouths of the birds to sing you to your morning classes. 
He unveils the stars at night to guide you. 
He smiles at you through the flowers and waves with the falling of the leaves. 
He loves to see you happy and cries when you cry. 
There is nothing He does not see. 
He notices when you hurt and he longs to comfort you. 

So crawl back into his arms, child. 
Crawl back the direction you think He is. 
When it feels like there is a wall between you, know that it is nothing more than a feeling. 
That when you ask He will break it down. 
There is no distance too far, 
no sin too wrong, 
no fall too hard 
that he can not pick you up and put all the little pieces back together. 
He is not angry with you for running. 
He does not resent the distance. 
He simply follows, waiting for you to turn and see that he is right there, all the time, 
arms ready to embrace you, party already planned for the return of his precious child. 

Come home. 
Rest in His arms and know yourself to be loved. 
Believe it. 
Breathe it in. 
This is where you belong. 
No matter where you are on this Earth. 
Here, in your Father's arms, this is home.