Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ever wonder why Jesus died for you? I wonder often what he saw in me that was so redeeming that he would die on a cross to save me. Or maybe that was it. There was NOTHING redeeming in me. Nothing to save me from eternal damnation nothing to save me from myself. His love is so unconditional that it didn't matter how wretched i was or am to this day. He loves me enough to die a horrible death, so that i could spend eternity with him in heaven. It's such an amazing idea! I don't understand how anyone could do that! Why would God want to send his son for me? What pain would he and all the beings of heaven, go through seeing their prince, his only son, die. And with romans mocking him and asking why he couldn't just come down from the cross if he was so high and mighty. Therein lies the realization. He was dying so that they may live. that you may live. That I may live. He could have come off the cross at any time. He could have just killed those who chose to deny him. But he didn't. He continued loving them and us. Even those who were the cause of his death. Why? i don't know. His love is too strong and too great for me to comprehend. But i do know this: God loves all of us enough to send his only son to die for us. he doesn't want anyone to perish, but for all to live with him for eternity. And that is enough for me.
I love you guys!!! Merry Christmas!!!! :D

Monday, December 15, 2008


I hate drama! with a capital H-A-T-E!!!! but i think that sometimes it helps us grow. Like we don't realize it at the time but everytime we work through a difficult situation that seems nearly impossible we become stronger as a person. And we become better at problem-solving. I think, if the drama or whatever the problem is, gets solved and the people involved are still friends, that the people will become closer because of it.

It's kinda like our relationships with God. not the drama necessarily, but the questions. When we ask questions of God. We become closer to him because of them. I think that a lot of the time we feel like asking questions of God is wrong because he created the universe...who are we to question him? you know? But the truth is, if we keep them locked inside they're going to eat us from the inside out. We can't continue doubting God and wondering how things work and why things happen. It's better if we put our doubts and stuff out there. we can wrestle the issues with God and ourselves. Eventually, we will come to peace with whatever it may be and have stronger faith, and a better relationship with God because of it. I don't know what i'd do without God. But at this time in my life i'm feeling really distant from him. I know that's normal and i can deal with that. it just seems really inconvient with stuff that i'm dealing with right now. I know he's here though and i will continue to trust and live my life for him. I'd appreciate your prayers though. Thanks and i love you guys!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

so i'm a little late...but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i'm thankful for oh so much!!! let me list it out...(i just made up that phrase, it doesn't make any sense at all but i don't care!!!!)

  • Family
  • Friends
  • A house
  • FOOD! :D
  • Love
  • Life
  • Reese's (my fav)
  • people i can lean on
  • books (my connection to less complicated worlds)
  • Computer
  • Heat
  • cars
  • pencils!!!!
  • technology
  • Church
  • YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS these are not written in order of improtance...and that's not all i'm thankful for, just a few things, i didn't want to bore you!!! :)

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!!!!! and stuffed your bellies full! ;D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Love

Heya!!! i'm feeling soooo good!!!! The past...couple weeks, i think, i've been dealing with a lot. I love it when my friends know they can trust me. And there are multiple people who DO know that, and when they're dealing with stuff and they need someone to listen. I'm good at that...Listening...if there is nothing else to do for someone, at least give them the time of day and listen. My problem...or gain, whichever way you look at it, is that i tend to take on their problems as my own, i feel their pain, i see it in their eyes and know there is nothing i can do for them and i take it as an extra burden of my own. I've heard sooo many times that i just need to give it all up to God and let him take care of if that's what you're thinking now, You're right and i realize that. I don't know why i think that i'm so independent, because if i were independent i'd be living on the street...or even dead. Because the truth is I am SO dependent on God! Every time I need help and even when i don't, i KNOW i can turn to God, in his word or in prayer, and he will always help me. And yet, when i have issues or i'm feeling my friends' pain, i try to deal with it on my own. Obviously i'm a slow learner, because this has happened soooo many times, and every time i come to the same conclusion: I can not deal with ANYTHING without God to lean on!!!!! I finally went to God in tears, i opened up my heart and said "i can't do this on my own, i need you're help! Take these burdens from me" so he did, and i woke up feeling 20lbs. ligther than i did the day before. It's at times like these that i wonder how anyone could deny that God is real! I really don't want to think about who i'd be without God or his amazing love. It makes me want soooo much more for my friends to have the satisfaction of knowing that God loves them. I pray that he will give me the oppurtunity to lead them to him.

I just want to say I'm Sorry to anyone who might have noticed me acting differently these past few weeks. Once again, i've been dealing with a lot, but i know that's no excuse...please forgive me!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What if????

What would life be like if everyone bit there tongue when they were upset? What if, when someone said something cruel, we just held in our retorts and said something uplifting instead? What if we all saw that one person that was always alone, and instead of ignoring them we went to them and made a new friend? What if we loved everyone unconditionally, even our enemies? What if we went around with the intention of lifting ppl up higher than ourselves? What if our first thoughts in the morning was "How can i make Jesus proud" rather than "how can i make myself more comfortable"? What if we put others in front of ourselves? What if we longed for every second to honor God with our thoughts and actions? What if every person had God's compassion for the hurting? What if ppl cared about the hungry? What if we actually acted on the pull in our hearts towards the hurting? What if, on Christmas day, instead of sitting home and opening our gifts, we grasped the meaning of giving and actually gave to ppl who need it? What if we gave our excess food to the poor rather than getting fat on it? What if we forgave those who have hurt us as easily as we hold grudges? What if everyone cared about everyone else?

What then? Well, we would live in a perfect world, with no mistakes But also no chances to learn and grow. But we strive to help others and live for God, or do we live for ourselves and strive to make ourselves more comfy and secure in our stuff? Every second of every day we need to live to it's fullest, with no regrets. There ARE people watching...they see how we love, how we respond to our enemies, how we respect or disrespect others. And what they see can either turn them to or away from God. When we're going about our daily lives we need to stop and think "who can i help right now?" and maybe we can make someones day a little better! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My song!

ok i've never done this before, but i'd like to share a song that i wrote with you all! i thought of it because i'm not exactly at a high point in my life as i'm sure you've gathered from my last couple of posts, but i have a lot of friends who are going through difficult stuff too, and not just the phsycological stuff i've been dealing with either. I have multiple friends whose parents are having issues, and i can tell it's really wearing them out. So this song was made with them in mind...and with the thought of how grateful i am that i have friends and that we can lean on eachother and help eachother through difficult times.

On a path that may go left, right, up, or down
Someone i love is always around.
To know that you care would be enough for me,
But no matter the mood,
You keep loving me!

So i want you to know,
Im not letting go!
Together we can make it out of here!

Today and tomorrow,
Through pain and the sorrow.
we'll do this together forever and ever!
I'll be here for you!
You'll be there for me!
we'll make it through
Just wait and see!!

In a world where the rumors fly 'round easily
the pain becomes less knowing that you trust me!
I see that your hurting it's plain in your eyes
I'll love you forever now here's your surprise...

Today and tomorrow,
Through pain and the sorrow.
we'll do this together forever and ever!
I'll be here for you!
You'll be there for me!
we'll make it through
Just wait and see!!

Love is patient, love is kind
it's not easily angered,
Love protects, trusts, and hopes,
love perseveres
No self-seeking, boasting, envy, pride,
but most of all...

Today and tomorrow
Through pain and the sorrow.
We'll do this together, forever and ever!
I'll be here for you.
You'll be here for me.
And together we can make it out of here!!!!!

So there you have it...comment and let me know what you think!!!! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Wow! it's been a while!...i think i start all my blogs like that! LOL! sorry i haven't been very constant with my blogging! it's been super busy!

So anyways...I don't really know what's been going on with me lately. I've had soo many questions about things, i filled 5 pages in my journal of questions the other day! i don't even know what half of them were anymore i just know it took a long time to write down everything! i feel like i'm drifting from God but not intentionally (i'm getting this out there because i want you guys to let me know if you notice me acting differently!) I feel like i'm getting pulled into the whirl pool of junk in the world without actually doing anything least i don't think im doing anything wrong. My heart longs to be so close to God, to do everything he wants me to, and to always be faithful. I know that's not possible because I'm human and everyone makes mistakes, it just is so hard when i see adults going around seeming like they never make mistakes and if they do they don't come out and say it, they just keep it to themselves or pretend it didn't happen (i'm not talking about anyone specific just in general, adults seem to be perfect and never make mistakes) I guess when i look to my role models, i wonder how they manage to go through a day that would put me in a bad mood and still be there for others and try to make their day better. I guess now i'm talking about DC. The other week he let us know he was having a bad day, but he still manages to be there for anyone who needs it and still tries to help them. I can see Jesus so clearly when i look at him and it amazes me! i long for that to be what others see when they look at me but i don't know if that's the impression given off or if i just look like a goody-two-shoes who is nice to the people that everyone else despises. I wish that i could see what others see in me. But all i can do is keep living everday for God and praying that others will see God through me. i'm so thankful that God has put such amazing people in my life because i don't even want to think where i'd be without the gentle nudge from my friends and family when im straying or the weekly talks with DC after Oasis (sorry, GSM) God is soooo good! I long to honor him but i so often feel as though i'm just taking away from the honor he deserves.

I want to get this out in case it can help someone else out there. I realized the other day that when i think of God i think of GOD who created the universe and does all these incredible miracles and cares about me but there's always someone ahead of me in line. I know that's not true. He is my FATHER! He loves me more than i could ever imagine and nothing i could do would make Him love me any less or any more! All that He does or doesn't do is for my benefit in the long run! He sees the whole picture and He will do what he knows is best for me! And He will never leave no matter how distant i may feel. It is not Him going away, but me! He is the father with His loving arms outstretched for His prodigal...daughter to run back into! And that is what i will do time and time again! I will run into His outstretched hands and cling tight to the one who will never leave me. I pray that is what we will all do...And we will live every second to it's greatest potential with no regrets!

Sincerely, Meg

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Creepy Crawler

I bet you didn't know catepillars shed!! Yes i said shed, as in hair, like a dog. I'll explain.

So yesterday, we're in the car driving home from cross country practice and Lauren, one of the girls in the carpool, looked to her left and screamed! "Ahhhhh! There's a catepillar!" We all look towards the window she was pointing at and sure enough there was a greenish-yellowish, very hairy catepillar. It was about halfway up so I asked my mom to open the window (it was in the back so it didn't roll down, it opened out!) and I poked it with a stick to try and get it to fly out! Yeah, ummm, it didn't fly out(It wasn't a butterfly yet:). It flew into the trunk...on my backpack! I reached back tried to pick it up three-ish times but each time I would try I would grab at the top and all that came up was hair, catepillar hair, a ton of it! So eventually I realized I needed to grab lower so that the whole catepillar would come up...yes, I'm a little slow, so what??? I finally picked it up and stuck my hand out so that Deegan and Rachel could see it, they weren't expecting it and screamed, haha! My bad! Hunter took it from me then and rolled down his window in front. (Why he got the front and I got the back I couldn't tell you.) He exclaimed "I hope he likes flying!" and let him go!!! Yeah I know, it's a horrible thing to do to a little feller that did nothing to me but...he shed all over my backpack! HAHA! How 'bout a moment of silence for that poor thing...ok silence over!

Now from the little guys point of veiw:

So I was in this hay stack that got bundled around me, it's a horrible feeling! But anyways i got out alive, but I was no longer on the farm, I was in some strange gray colored prison with soft fuzzy stuff all over everything(car). I went to the side and started climbing towards the only thing that looked familiar...the sky! When I finally reached where I had seen the sky I realized that there was a hard see through thing(window) preventing my escape. But I decided to keep climbing just in case there was an opening. About halfway up I heard a scream behind me, very loud and obnoxious, fallowed by some unintelligable mumbling that the giants use to communicate. All the sudden, the sea-through thing opened and there was a great amount of wind, so much that I was almost blown away but I managed to hold on...that is, until a stick was pushed under me and I was blown right back to where I started, only I landed on a soft-hard thing! (a back pack- I know that doesn't make sense but oh well!) I started back to the side to begin climbing again only to be deterred by a large pokey thing connected to a giant (hand) it continuosly came at me pulling out my hair for humiliation before picking me up! It moved forward, handing me to another ugly giant, while two other, other giants screamed and laughed at me. The Ugly one rolled down the clear thing and mumbled more unintelligable stuff and then tossed me out. I landed hard, I believe it broke all of my feet (yes catepillars have more than two) and had to slither like those freakish beasts that call themselves our cousins(snakes) all the way back here to you!!!

There you have it...the story of the shedding catepillar from both points of veiw! The stuff in the parenthesis were for your benefit, they weren't something the Catepillar said! I hope you enjoyed!!!!!


Monday, August 11, 2008


I am soooooo excited for school! I know its not often you hear that.....but I'm pumped! For us it begins in 2 days, on August 13. My birthday is also coming up, on the 19th, so as you can imagine im kinda pumped about that too! We just went to Discovery to set up lockers and stuff and i got to show Hunter around and figure out how to get to his classes. I think I'm the most excited on in my family:)

Oh my word! That storm the other night was AMAZING! I was talking to my friend about it and laughing at how different our responses were! She was in her basment till midnight and I was on my deck watching the amazing brilliance of the lightning and listening to the low grumblings of thunder. I love storms! they used to freak me out and now I think they're one of the most beautiful things of creation. I love that they show off God's awesome majesty and power. It's scary to think that something as beautiful as lightning or fire can devour you in a second, and yet I'm fascinateed by both! I love it!
Gotta Scram (Kem that was for you!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, we're supposed to live for God every second of every day, right? well how do you do that when all you're doing is hanging out with friends or reading a book or just taking a jog? Does that mean that we just have him in mind while we're doing everything, cuz if that's it I have a lot of work to do, or asking ourselves what would Jesus do?? I want my life to be lived for God and every second to count, but if I died tomorrow...would i be satisfied with what i have accomplished, or would i be filled with regret about what i didn't? That's a tough question. But i think it would be the latter. I do help people and i always try to cheer people up when they're down, but my heart longs to do something more. To change the world! That's why I want to become a singer, i want people to come to my concerts and the money to be given to the poor! But what do I do NOW? How do i bring the kingdom down here...TODAY? what is my purpose?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camp Adventure!

I just got back from CA '08! It was so much fun!!!!!!! However i somehow managed to break my collar bone/clavicle on day one! I made a ton of new friends probably want to know how I did it. well, we were doing "valley games" (games after dinner in the valley) and the game was partner tag. Somebody was it and someone was getting chased, everyone else was connected to a partner by the elbow (i don't know how else to explain it) except in our case there was multiple pairs going at the same time. I was being chased and was goin as fast as i could anda girl fell in front of me, (you can probably see where this is going) I tried to jump over her but was going to fast and couldn't do it in time. I kind of flipped over her and landed on my shoulder. I was trying to be tough and just sat up and smiled even though it hurt really bad, Steph asked me if I could lift it and that's when the tears came so the answer, obviously, was no I couldn't. I was taken to the hospital or ER whichever you want to call it. Oh and yes the bone WAS sticking out and still is thouh not as bad. All they've done for me so far is give me a sling for my arm I'm not sure if they'll do anything else, I have an appointment on Monday.

The rest of the week was a blast! I made new friends and was closer to the girls in my cabin then i would be otherwise considering that they had to help me change, do my hair and a lot more. My group was amazing, most likely the best! I couldn't do many of the activities but I had fun watching everyone else do them. Friday I did the ropes course which was amazing! I did it one handed, duh, and when i got to the end (the zipline) they told me that i couldn't do it, so i was kinda bummed but i got to go down by rope kind of like you woul go down a rock wall only without the wall to push off of. It was definitely my favorite week of the summer! I LOVE CAMP ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Wow It's the 4th of July! yay! We have some people coming over and I'm super excited. My dad's doing the fireworks again...yikes! I love the feeling I get on Holidays! I feel like "It is good" Like God said when he was done creating the world, like all is right and for one day we can forget about the troubles of the world. For one day we can remember the good things God has done for us and how he has provided and forget about the worries of the world! I only hope that those with out a home or a place to lay their head will have the same feel ing that I do now: That God will provide that regardless of what our troubles may be we always can count on God because he is good and just!

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.
For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods.
~1 Chronicles 16:24-25

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Move '08

I just got back from my mission trip! Wow! It was SOOOOOOO much fun. Wednesday we got to the Marriot (downtown) at 6:30pm to kinda get to know people and to settle in. I roomed with Alex Bowers and Sam Petersen. We had several very interesting conversations in that room...I'm just gonna leave it at that! hahahaha! We didn't have a leader because one of them got sick last minute and they had to put somebody without an adult... they did check up on us every night before bed and made sure we were awake every morning.

Thursday we went to Faith Mission and worked in the warehouse for the thrift store. We shifted the boxes and sorted things between clothes, shoes, bags, hats, furniture, and "brick brack" as the employees called the junk that they were going to sell. we also came upon two dead rats one who had guts strewn all over and had been squashed by a ginormous carpet. That was really fun! We got a tour of Faith Mission from this guy who seemed a little pessimistic but that was still interesting. After that we had a sort of picnic lunch outside under a tree and then left for our next destination, Hannah's House. Hannah's House is a place for pregnant teens and women who have nowhere else to go. while we were there Sam, Alex, and I cleaned window sills(and I noticed that dead bugs make funny noises when you squish them.) We also cleaned fan blades, the porch furniture and cleaned as well as sorted the kitchen pantry. The ladies there were very appreciative of the stuff we were doing and made the team cookies that we could eat while we were working, they were AMAZING! When we got back to the hotel we went swimming, ate at the mall and then went to bed.

Friday, to start off the day, we went to Center for the Homeless and some of us weeded and planted flowers (Chris, Austin, Sam, Alison, Dr. phil, and I) while everyone else layed down tarp around 6 gardens and spread 15 tons of gravel around it. Chris and I were talking while he was digging up dirt to plant his flower and I commented that the mud he was pulling up looked like poop and thought it was awesome! (sorry I have a kinda gross mind) He laughed and asked if I lived on a farm or if i had a friend who lived on a farm, I said no and he was like "then how are you so cool?!" I was like "cool meaning I join in on all the guy humor?" and he said "yeah!" and i told him that i have 2 little brothers. Basically he was saying that he appreciated all my guy humor, that definitely made me feel good that someone does appreciate it because I know it gets on Sam's nerves. when he was done I planted my flower which everyone was making fun of because it was broken in three different places (It wasn't my came like that.) After we were done there we went to Hope Mission and had a picnic with some people that we picked up on the way and then got wet in this splash pad thing. while Hayley:) (that's how she always writes her name)and I went over to this other pavilion with our leader, Alison, and made braid-thingy-mabobs with the kids from a neighborhood nearby. Then we went to the basketball court and played the first thirty seconds of a game before we had to leave. That night we went to Chipewa Bowling and played three games without bumpers :( The first one I got last the second one I got first and the third one I don't remember because I was ready to go home by then and was thinking up all the weird ways you can bowl. i have no idea how i went from last to first in one don't ask. hehehe!

Saturday we went to Manowe all day and the group I was in, painted cabins, ourselves, and any spiders we saw. On the ride back(over an hour on a school bus) we sang fun songs learned at camp and any other place. Some of the people got a bit annoyed because we sang one song probably more than a hundred times as fast as possible. It was the one that we all sang(or at least I did) when we were little that goes "I am a C, I am a C-H, I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N. And I have C-H-R-I-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T and i will L-I-V-E E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y!" We ended the whole trip at GCC for the 5:30 service and went home after that.

Over all it was a great expeerience and I'm soooooooo glad that I went. I'll put pictures up later but there is a few on DC Curry's Blog:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Blog-eee

ok so i'm new at this thing so don't critique me tooo much for now. i plan to blog every now and then but it probably won't be consistant. Yea! i'm sooooooo excited!