Sunday, August 2, 2015

To the Boys...

To the boys who want to be her man,

Know that as you go about your life, she's watching. She's watching how you treat other girls. She's watching how you respond to stress and frustration. She's watching how you talk to your mom and your sister. She's watching when you lose your cool. She's watching when you've won it all. She's sees it all. 
So don't live like it doesn't matter. Like what you do today has no repercussions tomorrow. Your actions affect her tomorrow and to her that is no light matter. 
Grow up. Have fun; but never at the expense of someone else. Work hard; but don't be afraid to relax. Go after your dreams and for God's sake if she's the one you want, chase her. Tell her what she means to you and don't be afraid of falling on your face. If she's worth it, you'll risk it. And she knows that. Risk being honest because life is not worth it without the risk. Risk it because she's going to risk a lot to trust you too. Risk it because she never believed anyone would or could. 
Work now to be kind when it's easier to be mean. Work to love when it's natural to hate. Work to be humble and selfless and madly, desperately in love with Jesus. Work to become a leader worth following. Work like it's what you were made for, because it is. 
She doesn't need a perfect man. She needs a man who will admit his mistakes and work to be better. A man who loves always and puts her before himself but after Jesus even as she tries to do the same for him. A man who is faithful in the little things. A man who protects her in her weakness and who magnifies her strengths. A man who will stand beside her proudly through success and failure alike. A man who points her always to Jesus as he runs next to her in this race called life.