Saturday, June 28, 2008

Move '08

I just got back from my mission trip! Wow! It was SOOOOOOO much fun. Wednesday we got to the Marriot (downtown) at 6:30pm to kinda get to know people and to settle in. I roomed with Alex Bowers and Sam Petersen. We had several very interesting conversations in that room...I'm just gonna leave it at that! hahahaha! We didn't have a leader because one of them got sick last minute and they had to put somebody without an adult... they did check up on us every night before bed and made sure we were awake every morning.

Thursday we went to Faith Mission and worked in the warehouse for the thrift store. We shifted the boxes and sorted things between clothes, shoes, bags, hats, furniture, and "brick brack" as the employees called the junk that they were going to sell. we also came upon two dead rats one who had guts strewn all over and had been squashed by a ginormous carpet. That was really fun! We got a tour of Faith Mission from this guy who seemed a little pessimistic but that was still interesting. After that we had a sort of picnic lunch outside under a tree and then left for our next destination, Hannah's House. Hannah's House is a place for pregnant teens and women who have nowhere else to go. while we were there Sam, Alex, and I cleaned window sills(and I noticed that dead bugs make funny noises when you squish them.) We also cleaned fan blades, the porch furniture and cleaned as well as sorted the kitchen pantry. The ladies there were very appreciative of the stuff we were doing and made the team cookies that we could eat while we were working, they were AMAZING! When we got back to the hotel we went swimming, ate at the mall and then went to bed.

Friday, to start off the day, we went to Center for the Homeless and some of us weeded and planted flowers (Chris, Austin, Sam, Alison, Dr. phil, and I) while everyone else layed down tarp around 6 gardens and spread 15 tons of gravel around it. Chris and I were talking while he was digging up dirt to plant his flower and I commented that the mud he was pulling up looked like poop and thought it was awesome! (sorry I have a kinda gross mind) He laughed and asked if I lived on a farm or if i had a friend who lived on a farm, I said no and he was like "then how are you so cool?!" I was like "cool meaning I join in on all the guy humor?" and he said "yeah!" and i told him that i have 2 little brothers. Basically he was saying that he appreciated all my guy humor, that definitely made me feel good that someone does appreciate it because I know it gets on Sam's nerves. when he was done I planted my flower which everyone was making fun of because it was broken in three different places (It wasn't my came like that.) After we were done there we went to Hope Mission and had a picnic with some people that we picked up on the way and then got wet in this splash pad thing. while Hayley:) (that's how she always writes her name)and I went over to this other pavilion with our leader, Alison, and made braid-thingy-mabobs with the kids from a neighborhood nearby. Then we went to the basketball court and played the first thirty seconds of a game before we had to leave. That night we went to Chipewa Bowling and played three games without bumpers :( The first one I got last the second one I got first and the third one I don't remember because I was ready to go home by then and was thinking up all the weird ways you can bowl. i have no idea how i went from last to first in one don't ask. hehehe!

Saturday we went to Manowe all day and the group I was in, painted cabins, ourselves, and any spiders we saw. On the ride back(over an hour on a school bus) we sang fun songs learned at camp and any other place. Some of the people got a bit annoyed because we sang one song probably more than a hundred times as fast as possible. It was the one that we all sang(or at least I did) when we were little that goes "I am a C, I am a C-H, I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N. And I have C-H-R-I-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T and i will L-I-V-E E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y!" We ended the whole trip at GCC for the 5:30 service and went home after that.

Over all it was a great expeerience and I'm soooooooo glad that I went. I'll put pictures up later but there is a few on DC Curry's Blog:


Megan Stevens said...

wow that sounds like a lot of fun! Why are'nt you people commenting???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandria said...

sorry meg iam just about to blog about that to by the way love your site.