Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camp Adventure!

I just got back from CA '08! It was so much fun!!!!!!! However i somehow managed to break my collar bone/clavicle on day one! I made a ton of new friends probably want to know how I did it. well, we were doing "valley games" (games after dinner in the valley) and the game was partner tag. Somebody was it and someone was getting chased, everyone else was connected to a partner by the elbow (i don't know how else to explain it) except in our case there was multiple pairs going at the same time. I was being chased and was goin as fast as i could anda girl fell in front of me, (you can probably see where this is going) I tried to jump over her but was going to fast and couldn't do it in time. I kind of flipped over her and landed on my shoulder. I was trying to be tough and just sat up and smiled even though it hurt really bad, Steph asked me if I could lift it and that's when the tears came so the answer, obviously, was no I couldn't. I was taken to the hospital or ER whichever you want to call it. Oh and yes the bone WAS sticking out and still is thouh not as bad. All they've done for me so far is give me a sling for my arm I'm not sure if they'll do anything else, I have an appointment on Monday.

The rest of the week was a blast! I made new friends and was closer to the girls in my cabin then i would be otherwise considering that they had to help me change, do my hair and a lot more. My group was amazing, most likely the best! I couldn't do many of the activities but I had fun watching everyone else do them. Friday I did the ropes course which was amazing! I did it one handed, duh, and when i got to the end (the zipline) they told me that i couldn't do it, so i was kinda bummed but i got to go down by rope kind of like you woul go down a rock wall only without the wall to push off of. It was definitely my favorite week of the summer! I LOVE CAMP ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


glendasmusic said...

Hi Meg! Thanks so much for sharing about camp! I'm so sorry you broke your collar bone, but it sounds like God used it to bless your life in other ways. He has a way of doing that!

I love you,

Alexandria said...

Hope you feel better megan. When my mom told me you broke your collar bone ,i alomst had a heart attack.Iam really glad you made some good friends.And that you had so much fun at camp. your so awesome you went to camp even when you weren't feeling good.luv yah,alex
ps.cant wait to tell you about the chicago mission trip.