Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, we're supposed to live for God every second of every day, right? well how do you do that when all you're doing is hanging out with friends or reading a book or just taking a jog? Does that mean that we just have him in mind while we're doing everything, cuz if that's it I have a lot of work to do, or asking ourselves what would Jesus do?? I want my life to be lived for God and every second to count, but if I died tomorrow...would i be satisfied with what i have accomplished, or would i be filled with regret about what i didn't? That's a tough question. But i think it would be the latter. I do help people and i always try to cheer people up when they're down, but my heart longs to do something more. To change the world! That's why I want to become a singer, i want people to come to my concerts and the money to be given to the poor! But what do I do NOW? How do i bring the kingdom down here...TODAY? what is my purpose?


Anonymous said...

Megan, I think God asks us to just be us and to watch for those times when we can reach out to others to help physically, or to listen to their hurts and be a friend, and to when the time is right (God will let you know that!) tell them about Jesus. You are probably a bigger blessing than you know, but I like the fact that you are sensitive to being just what God wants you to be now--not waiting until you are officially an adult. I'll be praying specifically that God will show you what HE wants you to do--if anything--right now to glorify HIM.


SHELLY said...

Meg, you rock! Just keep being you and being sensitive to what God is telling you. Love you!
Aunt Shelly