Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Creepy Crawler

I bet you didn't know catepillars shed!! Yes i said shed, as in hair, like a dog. I'll explain.

So yesterday, we're in the car driving home from cross country practice and Lauren, one of the girls in the carpool, looked to her left and screamed! "Ahhhhh! There's a catepillar!" We all look towards the window she was pointing at and sure enough there was a greenish-yellowish, very hairy catepillar. It was about halfway up so I asked my mom to open the window (it was in the back so it didn't roll down, it opened out!) and I poked it with a stick to try and get it to fly out! Yeah, ummm, it didn't fly out(It wasn't a butterfly yet:). It flew into the trunk...on my backpack! I reached back tried to pick it up three-ish times but each time I would try I would grab at the top and all that came up was hair, catepillar hair, a ton of it! So eventually I realized I needed to grab lower so that the whole catepillar would come up...yes, I'm a little slow, so what??? I finally picked it up and stuck my hand out so that Deegan and Rachel could see it, they weren't expecting it and screamed, haha! My bad! Hunter took it from me then and rolled down his window in front. (Why he got the front and I got the back I couldn't tell you.) He exclaimed "I hope he likes flying!" and let him go!!! Yeah I know, it's a horrible thing to do to a little feller that did nothing to me but...he shed all over my backpack! HAHA! How 'bout a moment of silence for that poor thing...ok silence over!

Now from the little guys point of veiw:

So I was in this hay stack that got bundled around me, it's a horrible feeling! But anyways i got out alive, but I was no longer on the farm, I was in some strange gray colored prison with soft fuzzy stuff all over everything(car). I went to the side and started climbing towards the only thing that looked familiar...the sky! When I finally reached where I had seen the sky I realized that there was a hard see through thing(window) preventing my escape. But I decided to keep climbing just in case there was an opening. About halfway up I heard a scream behind me, very loud and obnoxious, fallowed by some unintelligable mumbling that the giants use to communicate. All the sudden, the sea-through thing opened and there was a great amount of wind, so much that I was almost blown away but I managed to hold on...that is, until a stick was pushed under me and I was blown right back to where I started, only I landed on a soft-hard thing! (a back pack- I know that doesn't make sense but oh well!) I started back to the side to begin climbing again only to be deterred by a large pokey thing connected to a giant (hand) it continuosly came at me pulling out my hair for humiliation before picking me up! It moved forward, handing me to another ugly giant, while two other, other giants screamed and laughed at me. The Ugly one rolled down the clear thing and mumbled more unintelligable stuff and then tossed me out. I landed hard, I believe it broke all of my feet (yes catepillars have more than two) and had to slither like those freakish beasts that call themselves our cousins(snakes) all the way back here to you!!!

There you have it...the story of the shedding catepillar from both points of veiw! The stuff in the parenthesis were for your benefit, they weren't something the Catepillar said! I hope you enjoyed!!!!!


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Sarah Koutz said...

Here is a little tidbit for you. The hairs on some caterpillars have jagged edges on them. If you were to get one in your eye it would hurt because it scratches you eyeball.

Don't ask me why I shared that with you. I don't know why.