Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Love

Heya!!! i'm feeling soooo good!!!! The past...couple weeks, i think, i've been dealing with a lot. I love it when my friends know they can trust me. And there are multiple people who DO know that, and when they're dealing with stuff and they need someone to listen. I'm good at that...Listening...if there is nothing else to do for someone, at least give them the time of day and listen. My problem...or gain, whichever way you look at it, is that i tend to take on their problems as my own, i feel their pain, i see it in their eyes and know there is nothing i can do for them and i take it as an extra burden of my own. I've heard sooo many times that i just need to give it all up to God and let him take care of if that's what you're thinking now, You're right and i realize that. I don't know why i think that i'm so independent, because if i were independent i'd be living on the street...or even dead. Because the truth is I am SO dependent on God! Every time I need help and even when i don't, i KNOW i can turn to God, in his word or in prayer, and he will always help me. And yet, when i have issues or i'm feeling my friends' pain, i try to deal with it on my own. Obviously i'm a slow learner, because this has happened soooo many times, and every time i come to the same conclusion: I can not deal with ANYTHING without God to lean on!!!!! I finally went to God in tears, i opened up my heart and said "i can't do this on my own, i need you're help! Take these burdens from me" so he did, and i woke up feeling 20lbs. ligther than i did the day before. It's at times like these that i wonder how anyone could deny that God is real! I really don't want to think about who i'd be without God or his amazing love. It makes me want soooo much more for my friends to have the satisfaction of knowing that God loves them. I pray that he will give me the oppurtunity to lead them to him.

I just want to say I'm Sorry to anyone who might have noticed me acting differently these past few weeks. Once again, i've been dealing with a lot, but i know that's no excuse...please forgive me!!!!

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Sam said...

I forgive you:} I love you no matter what.