Sunday, November 30, 2008

so i'm a little late...but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i'm thankful for oh so much!!! let me list it out...(i just made up that phrase, it doesn't make any sense at all but i don't care!!!!)

  • Family
  • Friends
  • A house
  • FOOD! :D
  • Love
  • Life
  • Reese's (my fav)
  • people i can lean on
  • books (my connection to less complicated worlds)
  • Computer
  • Heat
  • cars
  • pencils!!!!
  • technology
  • Church
  • YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS these are not written in order of improtance...and that's not all i'm thankful for, just a few things, i didn't want to bore you!!! :)

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!!!!! and stuffed your bellies full! ;D

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