Monday, March 1, 2010

Overwhelming Love

In the past year or so I've felt like God is so far away, like when I'd call he wouldn't hear. But as I think about it more I've realized that I don't feel like that anymore. I don't neccessarily feel like he's super close, (but then I'm not sure I know what that feels like) and I know with all my heart that he hears me when I call.
Recently I've been filled with this overwhelming love for everyone around me, so much so that it's impossible to keep it in! and I think this is God's way of showing me that he is near, by giving me a taste of that unconditional love, and I'm not going to lie, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!! The other day on the bus, I wasn't having the greatest days and one of my best friends, I consider him a brother, could tell and the entire ride he worked to improve my day so i wouldn't go home upset. How great a friend is that?! And the entire ride I'm thinking how lucky I am to have friends who care that much and I was filled with this incredible amount of Godly love for this kid, almost too much to hold in! It most definitely overpowered whatever it was that made my day bad (i don't even remember what it was :)). Then last weekend I was serving in the penguin room (which i do twice a month) and again I was hit by how much i love these kids!!! I put it on facebook and i'll say it again I belong more with those kids than with kids my age!!! It's absolutely incredible to me that they can be so un-judgemental (is that a word???) it's refreshing.I love those kids...and I love my God!!! I don't deserve anything he's given me and yet I got it. I don't understand!!!!! haha, good thing i'm not God! :)

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Give thanks to the God of gods, his love endures forever" ~Psalm 136:2

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TAS said...

When you say, "Recently I've been filled with this overwhelming love for everyone around me..." -- let me just go on record to say I've noticed! Way to go girl!

Oh, and thanks also for those great cookies last night :)